"To ensure the best possible patient care, St Gabriel's Hospital is fitted with modern solar energy panels, modern installations, two operating theatres, treatment rooms, a maternity ward, a pharmacy and a laboratory."

Solar Energy

St Gabriel's Hospital's roofs are fitted with solar panels, providing 150 kW of solar energy.

Interruptions or electrical power supply cut- offs have become extremly rare at St Gabriel's Hospital: Solar Power covers now 18 hours a day.

  • The water for our washing machines is pre-heated with 'green energy'.
  • The outdoor kitchen is equipped with hot water by solar heating as well.
  • The savings from using solar power, help us to buy medicine and much needed goods for the pharmacies' supply.

Staff Houses

By building 11 additional staff houses, co-funded by Fondation Ste Zithe and ONG Eng open Hand fir Malawi, Management ensures services delivery as there will be less shortage in staff at the hospital hence reducing the locum payments.


Visitors can stay at the state-of-the-art Zitha guesthouse, fittet with ten self-contained rooms (14 beds) with shower and toilet.

Incinerator for Hospital Waste

The incinerator was installed in 2009 and maintains cleanliness throughout the hospitals campus, ensuring a clean environment with infection prevention. 


We burn waste for our partners.