St Gabriel's Hospital provides the full spectrum of healthcare.

Our supportive services are:


  • X-Ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy


  • Supply of quality drugs for in- and outpatients
  • Provision of ant-retro viral drugs for HIV patients


  • Routine Malaria tests and haematology
  • Biochemistry with modern lab equipment
  • TB microscopy
  • HIV/CD 4 count/ viral load


  • 5,000 pregnant women per year
  • Provision of iron as a food supplement
  • SP and Malaria prevention
  • Parasite treatment and Tetanus vaccines / vaccinations

Under-Five Clinic

  •  14,000 children attend the Under-Five Clinic each year
  • Weight monitoring
  • Immunisation
  • Food counselling (supplementary nutrition for malnourished children)

Home-based Palliative Care

  • mostly for patients suffering from HIV/AIDS and cardio-vascular diseases

Mobile Clinic

  • Medical tests and diagnoses in the rural surroundings, supported by a specially equipped vehicle.




  • Anaesthetic Block; General Anaesthesia using Anabel Respirator


Public Health


Incinerator services


"Your health, your greatest wealth"