Giving to give - Donations are welcome

With your assistance, funding gaps can be filled, enabling us to provide more of the much needed help in health and social support to our communities.

You should support us, because:

  • Too many Malawians suffer from serious health issues and hunger. 
  • We support our patients and the Malawian people as much as (financially and socially) possible, because we care about the people living around us.
  • Even if we are blessed with national and international support and despite our tireless efforts, sometimes it is impossible to overcome financial gaps.
  • Together with our partners, supporters and volunteers, we realise that we have great responsibility and impact in building and maintaining a sustainable and reliable network of care and help for each other.
  • We strongly believe in influencing and creating a better future for us and our children.

If you wish to support our work, please donate locally or transfer to our original founders' public trust banking account indicating project name and/or purpose:


Fondation Ste Zithe 


IBAN: LU47 0019 1300 1330 3000

 (Carmelite Sisters of Luxembourg)


Should you like to donate drugs, medical equipment or other material, please contact us by e-mail.

Your donation will arrive safely at St Gabriel's Hospital.


Thank you for trust and belief in our mission.

Your donation supports our projects in and around St Gabriel's Hospital.