Our current projects on Health - Hunger - Infrastructure

Among projects to fight against the current and always returning hunger crisis - we are continually building our infrastructure to maintain St Gabriel's Hospital a safe and hygienic place for our patients, employees and visitors.

Extension of solar energy for Staff Houses

In order to save more energy costs, staff houses and private houses surrounding St Gabriel's Hospital will be connected to the already installed solar energy system.  Costs for this project are estimated at 25.000€.

Pharmacy Software


Facilitating and enabling digital registration with control of all in- and outgoing medical supplies and drugs. The project will be realised in a few steps - expenses for the entire project are estimated at 100.000€.

Food programme


The hospital is involved in food programmes led by international trusts. Due to the current crisis we are setting up a food programme in order to help people during the severe hunger crisis. Please ask at our front desk to obtain more information.